Perfect Attendance Honor Roll, Good Sportsmanship Club,
Teacher Assistant, Sport Team. Cheerleaders, Field Trips.


Dress Up Tiara, Slippers, Wraps, Feathered Scarf .Ect
Express Pedicures | Express Manicures | Express Mini Facials | Express Make-Up

~ Groups of 8 Ages 4-12 $295.00
~ Groups of 10 Ages 4-12 $345.00
~ Groups of 15 Ages 4-12 $450.00
~ Groups of 20 Ages 4-12 $550.00
~ Groups of 25 Ages 4-12 $650.00
~ Groups of 8 Ages 13-15 $305.00
~ Groups of 10 Ages 13-15 $355.00
~ Groups of 15 Ages 13-15 $460.00
~ Groups of 20 Ages 13-15 $560.00
~ Groups of 25 Ages 13-15 $660.00

Pizza, Punch Cupcakes Decor Goody Bags, Games, Etc.

Call Us Now To Book your Princess Party School Field Trip ( 314) 831-3036

*Hands Gel Polish........$10.00
Feet Gel Polish............$10.00
Remove Gel Polish.......$10.00
Design $5.00
Candy Filled Treat Bags....$1.00each

What about siblings and unexpected guests?
If a child is expected to participate in the party in any way, include them in your total guest count. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate unexpected guest or siblings of guest. As we prepare our parties based on a final guest list. No unpaid additional guest or sibling will be allowed in the Spa Party Area If not apart of the paid party package group count.
Do adults stay during the party?
Limit of 2 Adult Chaperones *Due to the space availability a limit of 2 Adult Chaperones is allowed in the Spa Party Area. *The parents of the invited guest are not required to be in attendance. The parents of the guest will not be allowed in the Spa Party Area. However Parents are wel-come to do Drop offs/pick ups.

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